About Our Blog


Little Games is a quick little review blog for quick, cute, fun, humorous, interesting, weird, and wonderful casual games. No matter where we find them, we’ll be talking about them here. These aren’t the 80-hour tower defense games (although we love those!), or the latest for-purchase indie downloads (although we love those, too!), but a place where we can give you a look at small, quick, bite-sized wonders of the gaming world that might not otherwise get reviewed at the “big sites”.

We write for some of those “big sites”, and we know what their readers want. We also know that we often have to overlook a lot of the little gems that just make us happy.

So here, we don’t have to do that!

If you see something out there that is new, different, and fun to play, let us know! If you are a game developer or a game jam organizer–send us the press release! If you think you have the great new Kickstarter game, drop us a line! Just go to Our Writers page, and contact one of us.

We want to write about you, your games, your competitions, and your dreams…and we want to share those dreams with you.


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