Mu Complex


This is why we game. For games like this little gem from StudioCime.

Told completely in story, data, and email bits as you work your way deeper into the computer system at Mu Complex, this logic riddle/puzzler/hacker game is just easy enough to get through in a few minutes, and just challenging enough for a satisfied “Ahhhhhh” when you do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for tough logic games (Codex of Alchemical Engineering, anyone?), but it’s because of something it does for me mentally and even emotionally.

In a smaller dose, I get that same fix from Mu Complex.


Here’s where you start – no information, searching the system via DOS-style commands for hidden passwords that will give you access to higher level computers, all the while getting a taste of a bigger story that is unfolding in bite-sized info dumps. Who are you? Well, even the computer isn’t sure. Getting started might be confusing, so I’ll just say “Help is always given to those who ask for it.”

While walkthroughs are available out there, I only found one somewhat obtuse clue that didn’t make sense until I realized I was putting it together wrong. Otherwise, even this non-hacker had no trouble figuring out the logic, finding all the clues, and opening the door to…well, hopefully a soon-to-come episode 2!

mucomplex_screenEd. note: this was written in November of last year at a time when health and life problems took their toll on our small staff. I’m glad to get to post it now, and will follow shortly with Episode II.



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