TBT: Zilch

zilch_bannerBy Gaby Vanhegan
Playable for free in your browser

With so many flashy video games grabbing at your attention, sometimes it’s nice to just turn off the tech and play a nice, old-fashioned, minimalist dice game. That being said, there isn’t always dice lying around, and keeping score can be such a pain. So why don’t we let the CPUs do the heavy lifting?

zilch_action1Zilch is a classic game of luck and risk. The scoring system is unique–of your six dice, you’ll want ones and fives most often, though other various combinations can help you score big. You can keep rolling your dice as long as you dare to get more and more points. The question of when to bank your points is a biggie, because if nothing comes up when you roll, you get (you guessed it) zilch. Of course, no matter how perfect you think your strategy is, sometimes you just can’t seem to catch a break. Such are the trials of a luck-based game. All you can do is laugh and try again!

zilch_action2Zilch quickly becomes addicting. With a veritable avalanche of achievements and awards, the game rewards you on a regular basis and makes it fun to keep going. The advantages of being a web game means that Zilch is far faster and easier to play online than with real dice. It’s an instant classic; the perfect fallback for a lazy afternoon, both alone and with friends.



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