The Weekly Jam 08.03.14

weekly jam

Seems there are new game jams starting every week! We keep an eye on them for you and post the best here every Sunday morning (US). Some jams from last week are still going on, and we missed one that started yesterday!

For Mom

Ever been inspired by someone in your life to create a game? Well now is your chance to make something for, about, or in honor of your mom. Find out more about the woman inspiring the jam at the jam’s site. August 2 through 7.


Little People Game Jam

Still haven’t tried your hand at making a game, or still studying to learn how to do just that? Then this jam is for you. Newcomers and game design students welcome! August 8 to 10.


Peace, Love & Jam

Peace, Love & Jam is a game jam dedicated to creating non-violent, peaceful games that embody harmony, coexistence, acceptance and resolution. August 6 to 20. #peaceloveandjam



If you are ever looking for a jam, here are some places to look…I go through the lists and only include the ones that have some kind of theme or reason, or have real prizes. jams
Game Jolt Jams

Are you promoting an online game jam? Let us know and we’ll give you a plug!


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