by Isaac Forman and HendX
free to play on iOS devices, with in-app unlock of full game

Some kinds of games…OK, let’s face it, with the advent of the smartphone, MOST kinds of games, are over-cloned and under-original. That’s why a word freak like me sits up and takes notice when someone takes a super simple word game idea and transforms it into something new.

The new iOS game Hexiled is a great example of the sort of pick-up-and-play games we love here at Little. You play word games? Then you’ll get it. Start at the center and work your way to an edge, finding words to help you escape. Simple as that.


Mwahahahaha….simple? NOT HARDLY! Because if you are good at this game, you lose minutes from the timer every time you play. And you only start with 10, so a minute plus of time loss with every play, you can understand, quickly lowers your ability to escape.

Each word has to touch the empty space with at least one letter, but, brilliantly, it doesn’t have to be your starting letter. Just start playing outward from the center and you will eventually find the outer edge of the game (you can also do a two-finger scroll to look around and pick a best-route). And, as with any well-designed game, there are going to be some extra challenges, such as letters that have to be part of a word of a certain length, or just too many Ts in one location.




This is the sort of game you will keep on your iPhone and come back to again and again – partly for the challenge, and partly to try to open the Explore and Survive modes (I’m not even close yet…but I will be!). The best part? This game has one of the best end-screen/statistics pages I’ve ever seen, including definitions of the words you’ve picked!

Well, don’t just sit there. Go get it!

hexiled_endplate hexiled_defines hexiled_statistics


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