by Stixman
free to play in your browser

This matching marble puzzle game has hit the mark on all the things I love about puzzles: cute? Check. Slick gameplay? Check. Easy to figure out? Check. Ramped up difficulty level? Check.


While the mechanics are familiar – we’ve seen games like this as mini-games in HOGs and other larger adventure style games in the past – Marblelicious focuses on making this form of matching into an art. A really fun, puzzly art that gets more challenging the longer you play. And with lots and lots of levels in three difficulties, you’ll have plenty to do, without overwhelming your need for a good puzzle.

Gameplay is simplicity itself, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention. When you mouse over the marbles, you get a circle that encompasses the 4 that you can turn, and you can only move clockwise. To the left of the marble field, you also see the number of the fewest moves it’s possible to make to accomplish the match – getting all marbles of one color in the proper line. That can be trickier than it appears at first glance.


If there is anything that I might critique, it’s that the circle is sometimes extra light to the touch, so be sure you have it lined up where you want it before you click. Sometimes my brain got ahead of my fingers! Restart!

Marblelicious looks like the first offering from this developer, and we’re excited when we find something this good and this polished from a first-timer. It definitely bodes well for future games, and we’ll both keep watch and keep in touch with Stixman to see what he comes up with next.




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