The Weekly Jam 07.27.14

weekly jam

Seems there are new game jams starting every week! We keep an eye on them for you and post the best here every Sunday morning (US).

Vaporwave Jam

Play with the ideas of 80s and 90s commercials to create a dystopian consumerist universe. Check out the web site for more details. August 1-8.

GBJam 3

Who doesn’t love their Gameboy of days gone by? Well, take up the challenge of creating a game in that old style, with no more than 4 colors! August 1 through 10. #gbjam

Local Multiplayer Jam

Create games that multiple players can play together on one device. There is no theme, and all code and assets must be created for the game. August 1 through 8. #localmultiplayerjam


So, you want to make a game jam…

Well, Game Jolt has your back? Use their simple game jam interface to create a professional event. All you need is a Game Jolt account and you’re halfway to creating your own jam. Fully customizable, and completely professional!


Are you promoting an online game jam? Let us know and we’ll give you a plug!


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