TBT: Feed the Head

feedthehead_bannerBy Patrick Smith of Vectorpark
Playable for free in your browser

With so much brain stimulation around us all the time, it’s easy to feel like your head is being weighed down with thoughts. Ideas, worries, memories, song lyrics, images. Sometimes we feel like our heads are so full, we need to open them up to see what’s inside. This notion is taken quite literally in Feed the Head, the instant classic from vectorpark.com.

feedthehead_action1First popular back in 2007, Feed the Head is more of an interesting interactive webtoy than anything. Using your mouse to poke, prod, and pull at the head results in a huge assortment of oddities. There is a certain progression however, and even an “ending,” so this still counts as a game… and an excellent one at that.

feedthehead_action2The game encourages exploration, so the less said about it the better. All that you need to know is: it looks good, it’s thought provoking, and it is worth your time.

feedthehead_action3There are lots of charming surprises to be found in Feed the Head. If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing it, give it ten minutes of your time on your next coffee break. And remember to try everything you can. Persevere, and you’ll be rewarded with a truly beautiful ending.



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