One Tap Quest

Playable for free in your browser
Also designed to work on tablets and mobile devices

Do you consider Pachinko a game? I mean sure, there’s a goal, there are points, but when it comes down to it, you’re really just dropping a coin and hoping for the best. That doesn’t make it any less fun though, as you search for the perfect spot to make your singular, all-important decision–then drop the coin and hold your breath. This is the same mentality behind One Tap Quest, a self-styled minimalist “RPG” that takes mere seconds to beat. If you choose the right departure point, that is.

onetapquest_action1OTQ is about as simple as a game can get, in the best way possible. Starting from the bottom of the screen, you simply touch or click the point you want the hero to move from. Your character then moves steadily upwards, automatically defeating enemies and gaining levels, and hopefully not bumping into any monsters that are too strong to beat. You’ll inevitably die a lot, but that’s part of the fun.

onetapquest_action2The game is so simplistic that at first you may scoff and call it little more than a distraction. But you give it the benefit of the doubt, and play one more time. Then once more. Heck, it only takes a single click to try again, so why wouldn’t you? Soon you’ll be completely addicted and trying desperately to beat your high score. Powerups like pints of beer and magical scrolls add strategy to the game, and part of the fun is figuring out what they do.

onetapquest_action3The game is an absolute blast to play despite its simplicity, and the feeling you get when you finally reach the final boss is wonderful. Finally, I’m going to win! I’ll vanquish this wizard for good!

…Or not. Well, time to try again!



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