The Weekly Jam 6.29.14

weekly jam

Seems there are new game jams starting every week! We keep an eye on them for you and post the best here every Sunday morning (US).

I apologize for the lack of images this week – I just ran out of time! But click the title and you’ll get to the link. This is a crazy week for new jams, so pick one (or more) and GOOD LUCK!

Monster Mash Jam

This one looks like a BLAST! Make monsters the protagonist of your game, remake/demake an existing game with monsters instead of humans, win badges, create something new! The game starts June 30 and runs through July 7, and the web link has tons of good information, including ideas to inspire you.

CMG (CityMayor Games) Summer July Jam

Make a game, any game, in the month of July for the CMG Summer July Jam! There are no themes, no styles, no rules about mechanics at all – the only real rule is that your game must be made during the time of the jam. Enter to win a chance to publish your game with CMG.

Spectre Game Jam

The Spectre Game Jam is a new monthly jam kicking off in July. The first one will run from July 1 -7, and winning games will be hosted on the jam’s home page. At the start of each jam, there will be a theme posted, followed by subthemes, with winners announced in each.

ASCII Enthusiasts 10-Day Competition

Following last week’s short compo, the “big” jam starts July 1 and runs through the 10th. The rules for this jam, which is for any kind of program including games, are slightly stricter – but basically the plan is to produce a complete, working program.


The granddaddy of all game jams starts July 1 and runs through September 28th. Celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary, this compo has the chops to bring in some amazing prizes for the winners, and brings out the best IF writers, old and new. If you’ve been dying to break into IF, text adventuring or choice games, IFComp might be just the ticket.

GDSE Summer Game Jam

Another biggie starts this week. The GDSE Summer Game Jam challenges you to choose a gameplay concept from an existing game, and builds a game around it, trying to give the concept a twist or make it better. The jam runs from July 4th through the 7th.

The Arbitrary Game Jam

The next monthly installment of the Tag Jam starts July 4 and runs through July 7. Two themes, announced at the start, will be created by a random generator, and the third by the host (who is always the winner of last month’s jam). This month has an optional challenge to create the game with a partner.

Epic Game Jam

Join with folks participating at the 2014 Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival and make an epic game in 45 hours! You got that right! This is a wonderful opportunity to get gaming introduced to a larger population, as all games will be featured at the festival. But you don’t have to be there in person – anyone can participate. July 4-6.


Are you promoting an online game jam? Let us know and we’ll give you a plug!


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