Farting Felix


by Tom Tirapani
available to purchase on iOS

Who hasn’t fantasized about using their farts to help them move faster? In this engaging game, Felix is able to build his fart power by eating mushrooms, which helps him to outrun the monsters chasing him.



My nine year old son was invited to play Farting Felix to help with this game review. Really, what nine year old boy could resist a game filled with farts and whimsical monsters? Unfortunately, he had to fight me for possession of the iPod.

We found this to be a fun game for the entire family. Personally, I like it a lot more than Flappy Bird (the kind of game targeted at players like us). Farting Felix is simple enough to engage someone who isn’t really great at video games (me), but challenging enough to keep more experienced gamers (my kids) engaged. The animation is cute, but in a good way. When Felix gets killed by a monster there is some cartoon blood, but it’s not disturbing.


felix_andfriend2The sound track is pleasantly upbeat – a little repetitive, but not annoying. It includes a great tutorial, and offers a variety of levels to master, as well as goals within each level. And with five chapters with completely different things going on, it’s a welcome (and well-implemented) mechanic. Between the epic quest, and the David Bowie impersonations, it’s like five completely separate games in one! This game, in spite of its title, is obviously not just for kids or families.

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you like funny games with great art and smooth controls, then flying through the air shooting lasers from a dirigible or farting your way through the clouds is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon!


*Thanks to our contributing author, PandDmom, and her son, Garrey, who played, took pictures, and generally had serious fun with this game on our behalf!

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