Up in the Sky

upinthesky_bannerby szyadam
free to play in your browser

So what are you to do if you’re an ambitious chicken with romantic intentions and a telescope? Well, in your adorably goofy and completely non-pervy way, you’re going to find a willing chick – hen, that is – and hope for the best.



Well, for some reason, that cutie is far far up, way beyond the reach of the average chicken, but you’re no ordinary fowl lothario. You’ll just launch yourself into the air and let your wings do the rest…until that first 10 meter bounce dashes your hopes. But don’t give up. If you collect stars, you amass points that you can spend on extra bonuses to make each launch send you higher and make each flight last longer.

Those bonuses can come in the form of shields, flight aids, extra health, and even a helmet to deflect the unbelievable amount of birdy traffic you’ll meet up there in the heights. The higher you fly, the more congested the skies become, so it might be valuable to invest in the bonuses that give you more maneuverability.


Those tiny wings work a bit like rudders, so even when you fall, you might as well try to make your way to some more of those stars, or flying corn (you heard me) for energy. You’ll get a giggle out of the great art, silly premise and quick levels and in the end, hopefully find your love in the heavens.



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