Tiny World

tinyworld_bannerBy Laurent Bakowski
Available free for Android devices

You’ve felt it. The urge to explore. To grab your friends, hop in a pink flowery van, and just see the world! Even if you can’t afford a trip right now, Android developer Laurent Bakowski has stuffed our planet into this utterly adorable little package. Sorry, iOS users–this gem is Android exclusive, at least for now.

tinyworld_action1You’ll see the wonders of the ancient world in Rome, Greece, China and Egypt! You’ll brave the extreme cold of Antarctica and the sweltering heat of the African savannah! And for the first time, somehow, you’ll drive across the ocean from New York to Moscow in about three seconds. A most impressive feat, it must be said.

tinyworld_action3There is a challenge to the game aside from driving; the curvature of the Earth is very bumpy and hilly, so you must regulate your driving speed to avoid flipping the van over and losing all of your luggage. As long as you still have at least one suitcase left, you can keep driving. However, the game isn’t timed, and if you go slowly enough it’s not too difficult to keep your luggage on board.

tinyworld_action2No, the real charm of the game isn’t in the challenge. It’s the cheerful music. It’s the sights. It’s the joy of driving without any real aim. This is not a game for the competitive or the impatient. It’s an experience, more about sightseeing and relaxing than anything. It’s absolutely perfect for a few minutes of mindless joy. This is one game that won’t be leaving my phone anytime soon. Let’s go for a drive!



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