Weekly Jam 6.22.14

weekly jam Seems there are new game jams starting every week! We keep an eye on them for you and post the best here every Sunday morning (US).  So many jams, so little time! Pick one and have fun.

AGDG Microgame Jam

This should be fun–make a single microgame (single-screen or Warioware-esque game) in the language of your choice. This is a pretty informal jam, so even though it starts tomorrow (the 23rd) and runs through the 30th, submitting a bit late won’t get you ousted.

Indie Quilt Jam
indiequilt_jam copy

This amazing idea starts as a game–a quiltwork of independent mini-game levels, each of which can be played in 30 seconds or less. And to launch the game, the folks behind the idea are holding a jam. Brilliant! Jamming starts tomorrow and ends August 17, after which the levels to be including will be determined. The final game will be sold, with all proceeds to benefit Child’s Play.

ASCII Enthusiasts 72-Hour Programming Jam

While this jam goes beyond games, it will be a great place to work on your ASCII game programming chops. Starts June 27 and runs through June 30. More specifics can be found on their forum.


Are you promoting an online game jam? Let us know and we’ll give you a plug!


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