Back It! Crowdsourcing June 2014

back it

Sometimes you just want to give new developers a push, sometimes you get a tip, and sometimes a game is just such a wacky and wonderful idea, you really want to see where it goes. Welcome to our first crowdsourcing blog!

popupincPopup Inc
on Kickstarter

This game, in development by two brothers in Dundee, UK, is well into development, with the money being raised for development tools. Looks cute, although I hope they add more detail as the campaign continues. Still, they aren’t asking for much and it sounds like a neat idea–not just one story, but an app that works like a kind of library of games. I hope this one succeeds, because I’d like to see it in implementation.

on Indiegogo

Yep, there are tons of roguelikes out there for mobile devices, but I have it on good authority that this is the one to back. This developer is addicted to making roguelike games, and his idea for this one is pretty well developed. In fact, you can play a beta version online right now. I enjoyed it, even though I couldn’t stop dying. Looks like it will be just the right blend of easy to play and tough to master that we look for in mobile games.


Deep City 2030
on Indiegogo

The plug starts like this: “By the year 2030, 6 out of 10 humans will live in cities…Deep City 2030 asks the question, ‘What if cities could save the world?’.” I have to admit, as a farm girl born and raised in the country, I’m intrigued with how that question could possibly be answered by a game! But I’m willing to find out if you are. It’s a fascinating idea… and then there’s Lazer Cat. Who Must. Be. Funded.


2 thoughts on “Back It! Crowdsourcing June 2014

  1. Awesome post, Say! I hope all those projects get backed!

    Just to add to that, I recently backed two kickstarters myself;
    – A Song for Viggo, which is a point-and-click adventure game made entirely out of paper (,
    – and Catlateral Damage, which really is just a silly idea that I think will be a lot of fun ( 🙂

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