by Konstantin Kopka
Available for purchase from iTunes
Available for purchase from Google Play

Our pal Konstantin Kopka has a brand new iOS and Android game, UMAI!, a game about eating sushi. Because, come on–what other food lends itself so perfectly to a gorgeous retro pixel-art display? None, that’s what! As a sushi eater, you have lots of character choices, from a heart-shaped kitteh to a groaning zombie. After all, even zombies get tired of brains now and then.

The game is simple, addicting, and funny. First, you set your name by clicking a letter with your tongue, and then using the up and down arrows to change the letters. After you start, you need to eat as much of the good sushi as you can while a timer runs down. The more pieces you string together with your insanely flexible tongue, the more points you win and you can hold back time, or even reset the clock.



Rainbow sushi acts as a wild card–if you can work it to eat all of one color, then grab the rainbow, you can then eat all of a second color in the same bite. UMAI! Your timer has reset! Occasionally, you’ll also get a full table of one type of sushi. UMAI! Eat them all and you reset again. And of course, you win tons of points!


And no, that score doesn’t include either kind of UMAI!

Watch out for bad sushi. It can wipe out your timer in one fell bite. (OK, I admit that sounded better in my head) Play against the preset scores, or with your friends in the world leaderboard. You’ll have trouble putting this one down. Now, who’s for sushi?



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