TBT: Nest of Moai

nestofmoai_bannerBy Team SKT
Playable for free in your browser

Do you have two minutes to play a game? No, seriously–with only three levels, this game takes less than two minutes to play in its entirety. This is Nest of Moai, a mini flash game from waaaaay back when (well, 2005) which challenges you to mouse over at least 100 moai statues in each 30 second act.

nestofmoai_action2Chances are likely you don’t read Japanese, but you get the point anyway. This adorable little distraction is silly, but it’s still so polished and fun that it could have been released yesterday. You’ll frantically mouse over as many Moai as possible, but it’s impossible to have quick enough reflexes or to remember where they’re going to pop out from. They’ll fly through the sky, pop out of the ground, and cling to the inside of buildings!

nestofmoai_action3Along with the fast paced gameplay, you also get a very funky and lighthearted musical score that changes with each level. The doo-wop vocals will stick in your head, and you might play again just to bop your head along to the beat. There are also a few surprises embedded into the gameplay; giant japanese characters which point out the way, and massive moai statues which must be attacked rapidly with the cursor to defeat.

nestofmoai_action1At nearly ten years old now, this gem of a game is one that I keep coming back to, especially since my ending score is still abysmally low. (Only 55%, really?) Give Nest of Moai two minutes of your time and you’ll be hooked too. Oh, and if you take a quick look around the web, there are a couple of equally silly sequels floating around to play.



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