Angry Toys


by cmdcmdcmdcmd
Available to play for free in your browser

This atmospheric little perpetual runner from cmdcmdcmdcmd is an artistic departure from the norm. Although it doesn’t add much to the genre, the setup is just creepy enough and, well, there’s clowns. And we know we want to keep running from them!

So you run and run, collecting surreal sweets and avoiding the toys, which range from zombie dolls to strangely happy monkeys. If those vacant eyes aren’t a dead giveaway, then the fact that every time you run into a toy causes you to lose a health point should be enough to help you avoid them. Of course, the longer you play, the more quickly they march against you, and the more difficult the room’s terrain becomes.



Every time you bounce on an enemy’s head, you vanquish them and add to your achievements. It’s particularly hard to kill the clocks without losing health, but as long as your little avatar is flashing, it seems that you can do whatever you like until you’re solid again–whether you run right through enemies, or find your way to the top of a clock. And as you collect sweets, every time you lose a game you have an opportunity to shop for upgrades. These run the standard gamut from speed to jumping prowess to a greater sweets multiplier.

If, like me, you are a grinder (or at least sufficiently OCD), you’ll probably keep playing long enough to get all the upgrades. It won’t take long if you focus fairly early on the sweets multiplier. And hopefully, when you reach the end, you’ll wake up and discover it was all a dream.




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