TBT: Bubbles 2

bubbles2_bannerBy Manuel Fallmann
Playable for free in your browser
Note: The hosting website contains content which may be unsuitable for children

When I hear the word bubbles, I think of two things. Firstly, that fish from Finding Nemo who was obsessed with bubbles (that character was awesome). Secondly, I think of Bubbles 2, a silly little avoidance game by Manuel Fallmann of MINDistortion. I spent hours playing this with friends many years ago, and even now I still keep coming back to it.

bubbles2_action4You play as a simple, lonely little bubble drifting in the ocean. You look like all the other bubbles, but the more you play, the more you grow attached to this hardy little cutie you control. Your only task is to avoid the falling mines, but you can also collect your bubbly brethren to make yourself grow. Naturally, this makes avoiding the mines more difficult–but you need to collect the bubbles to increase your score. Watching your bubble absorb everything like some kind of unnatural Lovecraftian being also feels way too good.

bubbles2_action1The best aspects of the game are the powerups. There are a respectable variety of collectibles which fall from the ceiling. Their temporary effects include repelling mines, granting your bubble enhanced agility, and even the trippy visuals you see here. Not all of the powerups have a real point, and that’s the best part! This game is about having fun, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

bubbles2_action2After seven years, Bubbles still stands strong as a fantastic little time waster. Truly, it’s better put together than most of the games on the App Store are today. Give it a go. Float your way to a high score. Challenge your friends. And watch out for that inevitable “pop!”



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