Ripple Runner Deluxe


By DDRKirby(ISQ)
Playable for free in your browser


ripplerunner_action1Run. Jump. Run. Flip. Run. Jump. Flip. Spikes. Flip. Jump. Run. Spikes. Flip. Spikes. Jump…

Sounds tricky, right? As to be expected of a quick-paced action runner game. If only there were a way to make it a bit easier and more fun. Say, by… choreographing the characters’ movements to a really excellent original soundtrack?

ripplerunner_action2You might be tempted to mistake Ripple Runner Deluxe for a rave. Bright, alternating colours, driving music, trippy effects, sudden feeling of exhilaration. In reality, this is the upgraded version of an already highly polished Ludum Dare 29 entry which ranked very highly. The levels are designed to mesh nearly perfectly with the music, encouraging the player to feel the beat. It’s also very addicting, even when certain segments prove difficult. You want to finish the song, don’t you?

ripplerunner_action4The game draws obvious comparisons to the bit.trip games, but in reality it feels very different from them. Call this controversial, but as a critic of the high difficulty of bit.trip.runner, I found this game far easier to “get into.” I also really dig the music, which is available on the developer’s bandcamp for any amount you can pay.

ripplerunner_action5Everything about this game is charming. It’s completely lovable; challenging, but easy to play. Give it a test run if you don’t believe me! And then another run. And another. And then you’ll never want to stop running.



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