Let’s Go Pogo Panda


by rurugu
Available to play free in your browser

Aww, da cute widdle panda! Bounce! Bounce!

And what are those, fireflies? Awww. Bounce! Bounce!

That’s pretty much the extent of this game, a super-simple time waster from rurugu, the developer behind the DeadToast Entertainment (Nunchuck Charlie). His most simple ideas have a truly unique perspective on game play, with not much in the way of goals or depth, and yet that is exactly the point behind his site rurugu.com.

The beauty of a simple game that can entertain you for a few minutes, and the time and love put in to creating such games just for us, just to play, with no goals or real challenges in mind, is a wonderful gift.



Not only does Let’s Go Pogo Panda have lovely artwork, there are some great game mechanics involved that make it a perfect little experience. Bounce upward into the atmosphere to collect more and better and ever more valuable fireflies. Enjoy thoughtfully incorporated little details, from the height counter in the upper left corner, to the “Shop” you can open even in mid-bounce to purchase the next upgrade such as a higher bounce or firefly wings. And don’t worry if you lose your hat. You’ll catch up to it on your next bounce.pogopanda_hat



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