TBT: Ascension


by Stoneblade and Playdek
Available free-to-play and with IAPs for your iOS device

Now here’s an oldie but a goodie–Playdek’s collaboration with Stoneblade, which produced what is arguably the best iOS version of a physical card game. In. The. Universe. Ascension: Chronicles of the Godslayer came to us three years ago in a blaze of glory and has remained one of the favorite iOS games of its many players.

I admit, I’m a new convert…and that’s not necessarily good news. A little over a year ago, Stoneblade announced they were going to pursue their own mobile version of the game in a move destined to break the heart of thousands of iOS players around the world. The Playdek version of the app will be taken off the app store later this year, and at some point (as yet unknown), Stoneblade will put their own version up. This isn’t the best idea they’ve ever had, and they don’t have a great track record for high quality, speed, or bug-free apps.


The big issue is online play, which is a rich experience with a huge number of players. Fortunately, the game has always been playable offline and, while the AI players aren’t as strategic as humans, the offline game is better than most online card games currently available on iOS!

On top of it, players who want to buy the expansion packs and promos can get them on the cheap in these last lucky days before the big change over. For my money, it was worth it, although another friend I turned on to the game enjoys it enough with the initial free deck, that she has decided not to purchase anything and is still having a great time playing.

By the time you read this, I can’t promise the game will still exist, but if it does, grab the free version and enjoy while you can!



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