The Last Night

thelastnight_bannerBy Tim and Adrien Soret
Playable for free in your browser
Contains violence and adult themes

Made for the Cyberpunk Jam, this bite-sized game is incredibly powerful and atmospheric. It looks and plays like a classic graphic adventure game, like an updated Beneath a Steel Sky, or like the Monkey Island games without the pirates and humour. The controls are simple: arrow keys to move, space bar to draw your gun and the T key to fire. There is no button for running away or making conversation or giving warm hugs because that is not what this game is about.

thelastnight_action1With dark, driving synth beats behind you and the soft sound of thunder and pouring rain in the distance, the game really comes to life as you play it. You can almost smell the night air mingling with the cigarette smoke. The shining lights and neon colours of the cityscape are gorgeous, peppered with blinking advertisements, but the view is concealed by the plethora of dirty vehicles whooshing by.

The visuals are incredible. The music is incredible. The atmosphere is incredible. And yet the experience lasts barely three minutes. Somehow, the Soret brothers have managed to capture the magic of movies like Drive and games like Hotline Miami in an incredibly small package. Take a few minutes to play through; it’s not difficult. But it is breathtaking, especially if you appreciate pixel art. Plus, there’s disco!

thelastnight_action2If you’re looking for more, take a peek at the Soret brothers’ newest project, Behind Nowhere.


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