Realistic Kissing Simulator


By Jimmy Andrews and Loren Schmidt
Playable for free in your browser

We’ve all had the nightmare: you make your move on a special someone only to be told “You’re a bad kisser!” Well thankfully such a horrible scenario can now be avoided with ease. The Realistic Kissing Simulator is a short game (read: “experience”) which will allow you to practice your snogs, pecks, makeouts, puckers and smooches to your heart’s content.

The game is billed as a two-player game, but those who aren’t comfortable locking virtual lips with a friend can easily try it out on their own. After that initial try, though, you’ll want to show this to as many people as possible, because it’s nothing less than hilarious. Perhaps the best term to use is “magical.”

realistickissingsimulator_actionIf you prefer bashful flirting or closed-mouth pecks to the “French” way of expressing love, this game might gross you out. Honestly, it will probably gross you out no matter what. But if your sense of humour is anything like my own, you’ll find this delightful.


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