TBT: Lexicopolis: A-B-City

lexicopolis_bannerBy Pat Littell
Playable for free in your browser
Also available as a free download for Windows

Picture this, if you will. SimCity met your favourite Learn-to-Type game at a party. They went out for some drinks the next night, one thing led to another, and now they have a beautiful baby. That would be Lexicopolis: A-B-City, a unique city building game where instead of spending money to build, you’re spending letters.

The point system is evocative of Scrabble, with point multipliers scattered throughout a large grid on which you can build. Beginning with a City Hall, you gain letters to use when you place buildings or features on top of them. What do you want next? A house? A park? A school? The possibilities are vast, with a huge vocabulary programmed into the game à la Scribblenauts. At first your mind will be strangely void of any ideas, but as you keep playing you’ll quickly find a lot of things you can build. The trick is to try not to include too many duplicates… and to find those teeny features which will fill in the little spots.

lexicopolis_actionSuch a truly original idea is well executed with cute pixel art. It’s addicting, and it’s even downloadable if you have Windows so you can play it while your Biology teacher talks about plants, or something.* You’ll snicker with malicious delight when you place three factories around a condo, and laugh even harder when you put a brothel next to a church. Yep, you can build brothels. This game is awesome.

*Note: Little Games does not condone playing games in class. If you fail that test, it’s not on us!

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