Thought Police [Ludum Dare]


by GrooveMan
Available to download for free on Windows, Mac & Linux

This game has some language that may not be appropriate for all audiences

One of the better Ludum Dare entries was this nice little interactive visual novel, Thought Police by GrooveMan. It plays like a really good prologue to a longer game, with some good choices and at least two endings.

You play as DI Brambilla, called out on a murder investigation at 2 am. While you’re still trying to get your bearings, you are dumped into the middle of a different kind of mystery. In a nice twist to the Jam theme, you will not guess what is hiding beneath the surface…but once the truth is out there, believe me, you will want to know more.


On top of the story and the choices, the game adds another element–an emotion reader that tells the inspector what the person he is interrogating is feeling. The range of emotions is really interesting and very well implemented into the storyline.

The game ends way too soon, and the slightly over-the-top message that “cops are bad” seems a bit low on the maturity meter, but the story itself is solid and the amount of choice is impressive for a Ludum entry. I want to see this developer go much farther with this game and develop the story in both directions–from inside or outside the police department; as either a captive or as a fugitive.

(all photo links will take you to the LD game page, where you can download Thought Police)




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