TBT: Jorinapeka


by tonypa
Available for free in your browser

Who better to start off our first Throwback Thursday than tonypa? As an avid puzzle player, I have always been fascinated with his ability to create a new puzzle unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and do it on a fairly regular basis.

Among the best, I have long adored Jorinapeka. This simple, addicting game has tonypa’s signature simplicity, as well as his signature difficulty! “All you have to do” is click on an arrow and watch the little ball chart a path through the other balls, hopefully hitting the colored ones as it goes.


But of course, like all tonypa games, it’s not as simplistic as it looks. Those arrows will eventually lead you off the board, which ends your turn. And you only have five turns per level, so you need to use them wisely. Remember, hitting 10 of the little balls gives you an extra turn in that level, so you can strategize your moves. But use all five and it’s game over!

Scoring is important in this game, and a few built-in bonuses will help you raise your score. Finding a path through all the colored balls will only take a few seconds, but you’ll come back to this game again and again!



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