ControlCraft 3


by Badim
Available for free on your browser

Among my favorites in the “virus” game genre are the ControlCraft games by Badim. If you’ve played others in this series, then you will not be disappointed in the third installment.

Starting with the gorgeous artwork that has beautiful depth of field, and continuing with the cute little soldiers we’ve all come to know and love, ControlCraft 3 doesn’t really bring much new to the game, but it does provide a level tree which gives you a choice in the way you work through the levels, and new power-ups for stronger units, more recruits, and even new attacks.


Each colorful new level provides a new challenge. Whether they fly or swim, or attack your soldiers or your stations, the enemies seem to move slightly faster than your troops, and you’ll need to pay attention. Lose track of your strategy and you might lose the level!


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