GitGirl: Battle Rainbow

gitgirl_bannerBy RenegadeWare
Playable for free in your browser
Also available as a free download for Windows
Contains some mild adult humour

Here’s a casual game that isn’t really casual at all. If you, like many, have fond memories of playing a Megaman game, GitGirl will have instant appeal for you. Everything about GitGirl is based on classic Megaman platformers, from the gameplay and design right down to the music and sound effects, and it doesn’t try to hide that. Why should it? This is a free, full-sized homage to the series, playable right in your browser.

And unsurprisingly, it’s tough as nails. You might have to be just a little bit masochistic to enjoy it. There’s no shame in enjoying a good challenge!

gitgirl_action1Part of what makes GitGirl so cool is that all of the characters, from the level bosses to the inconsequential minions, are female. Badass, iconic, original characters who aren’t oversexualized. In fact, everything about the game’s design is fantastic. The levels each have their own visual and stylistic theme. And each level boss is simply overflowing with charisma and personality, almost to the point that you feel bad fighting them. But then they kill you a hundred times and you don’t feel so bad anymore by the time you finally defeat them.

This is a game in which even butterflies can kill you. You will fall down pits, you will accidentally jump into spikes, and you will be crushed by a baddie just pixels away from the next checkpoint. That kind of gameplay is not for everyone, and most casual gamers will find the size of this game overwhelming. However, if you enjoy classic platforming, you will have fun for as long as you play. I still haven’t beaten the game, and I probably won’t. But that doesn’t mean I’m not loving every minute I spend with it!



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