Balancitos [Ludum Dare]


by NickZangus
Available for free on your browser

The best games to come out of jams, in my opinion, are the ones that take the theme and turn it on its ear, or, in the case of Balancitos by NickZangus, those that spend their time making great art and great mechanics.

The little island of Balancitos is balanced by under water weights, all of which can be reached by carefully turning the wheel on the bottom of the ocean floor. But those little folks up there are having a party, and there’s no telling where they might end up. Most likely, in the drink, but that’s largely up to you.


Once the island starts to tip, it’s possible–but difficult!–to right it. Lose an edge, and you are probably going to lose the whole thing. Don’t worry! It’s easy to reset. But at the moment it’s not much more than an entertaining web toy. The dev says he wants to add a scoring mechanism and leaderboard. We should encourage him to do that!



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